Williams Stationary Company

Williams Stationery Co., Inc.
15 Selden Drive
Rome, NY 13440


We Print on Recycled Paper

About Us

In 1933 Thomas J. Williams founded the Personalized Stationery Company to supply high quality personalized stationery products to be used as fund raising items by schools, churches and fraternal organizations.

In 2013, we discontinued our full-scale commercial printing business, including the fund raising offerings. We reduced the business to a smaller home-based letterpress shop in our garage.

Now operating as The Private Press at Williams Stationery, still with the product trade name of Kadet Stationery, we are still offering the same high quality personalized stationery for the individual purchaser and letterpress printed items for personal and business use.


Since we reduced our shop to a home based letterpress printing business in 2013, we still equipment to meet most lower volume letterpress printing needs. If our typesetting equipment can not fill your needs, we offer outsourced magnesium or copper photo engraving services to print from your computer generated artwork.


  • (1) Chandler & Price 10x15 Craftsman Hand-fed Platen Press (Prototype Press, Serial #X113)
  • (1) Model L (Slant Top) Ludlow Type Linecaster
  • (75) Fonts of various matrices for casting Ludlow type for letterpress printing
  • (1) MBM Triumph 6550A 25" Paper Cutter
  • (1) Hammond Model G4 Trim-O-Saw Type Metal Saw


As a service to other letterpress printers, we have posted some documents for various letterpress equipment. We hope you will find these of use in your letterpress printing business or hobby.
Click here for our downloadable letterpress documents.