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Pastel Recipe Kards
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A Personalized Way to Share Recipes

Item #11

Price:  $9.95

These handy recipe cards are a full 5 x 6 inches in size, folded in half to fit a 3 x 5 inch card file, but gives you twice the room for writing your recipe. The front side is lined in dark blue ink and the back side is blank.

Fifty letterpress printed cards, with one line of type of not more than 25 characters (unless otherwise specified for your selected type style). Four assorted pastel colors only, no accented letters, and all sheets must be printed identically. Printed in blue by default, or in one of the seven available ink colors, in your choice of one of the illustrated Recipe Card type styles. Packaged in an attractive gift box.

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Email us at kadetstationery@gmail.com with questions.

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